Luminant Photography is Annette and Daniel, two Chicago based photographers with a passion for recording the world in pictures. We enjoy capturing moments and telling stories through our photos of a wide range of subjects and activities.  We hope you enjoy them.

Annette began SLR photography in junior high, lurking in the darkroom during lunch period working on the yearbook.  Building on her art training, she has a keen eye for composition and color. Her theater background informs her event coverage; she can quickly size up an activity and anticipate where to be to capture the perfect shot.

Daniel has been taking photos since his teens and started with film cameras, developing and printing his own work. He is constantly in search of new techniques to improve his work. A self-confessed and unrepentant technology and equipment junkie, he knows Adobe products intimately and will bring the best out of any image.

We use mostly Pentax K-5s and their newer K-3 and have a growing collection of studio and on-camera flashes and accoutrements.  While Pentax is less well-known than Canon and Nikon, the quality is on par with them and we chose Pentax for their excellent lens range.